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Delivery Results the VSSI Way

Just what our clients need to help shape their business plan with complete confidence. A no-nonsense approach to selecting the right workforce, while maintaining quality, cost control and customer satisfaction.

About Us
Delivering Results the VSSI Way

VSSI Staffing is recognized as one of the top staffing services in the southwest. We provide temporary, full-time, contract  and temp-to-hire staffing services, in light industrial, administrative, technical, clerical positions, and many others.  The company provides staffing in a variety of industries and settings, including manufacturing, distribution, customer service, engineering, call centers, etc...  We deliver results by matching the right people with the right job, meaning less turnover and higher productivity for you.  

VSSI develops a strong business partnership with our clients by consulting, designing, and delivering customized staffing and training solutions.  We deliver results by matching the right people with the right job, the net result is less turnover, higher productivity, and a long term assignment.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered

ISO 9001 certification means our company has achieved international recognition for its emphasis on quality and insures that every member of our company is part of the quality assurance system. ISO certification demonstrates that our business says whit it does, does what it says, and has the documentation in place to prove it. The ISO registration is our organization's key to quality improvement and global competitiveness.